Business of Design

Business of Design supports creative entrepreneurs as they build and manage successful design businesses by offering resources, fostering connections and hosting educational events on the practical issues that leaders face as their businesses grow.

AIGA Arizona’s Business of Design Initiative focuses on continued business education for growing creative businesses. 35%+ of AIGA Arizona members say they are a full-time creative business owner or part-time in a “side hustle.” Most often these members are creatives first and running their business is the hard part.

We run events, workshops and speaker series, and also feature blog posts that connect business owners to fellow creative entrepreneurs and educate them on all aspects of running a business. From client management to finances and even legal representation, we have the small agency owners, solopreneurs and part-time contractors covered.

So often a small agency owner can feel like they are on an island and just meeting others to “talk shop” can be therapeutic. We have all gone through the same trials and tribulations. By sharing our stories, learning something new, and supporting each other we can strengthen our community and our businesses, together.


Interested in joining the Business of Design committee or have an idea for an event?

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