Join the Board

AIGA Arizona is a 100% volunteer-led organization that wants to see our creative community thrive.

Think this is something you’d want to be a part of? Keep reading.

AIGA AZ strives to be the go-to resource for local design professionals and students while also helping them connect to the broader creative community. We want to bridge the gap between people, whether that be designers and their collaborators, non-designers to the creative community, or Arizonans to the larger AIGA network across the nation. Everything we do, from Phoenix Design Week to Portfolio Reviews, is entirely led and organized by volunteers.

Board Members do not need to be designers but should be passionate about supporting the creative community. In fact, we aim to have a Board with diversity in industry, age, gender, professional experience, race, background, education, income, physical ability and more. (Of course, nominees are not required to offer this information.) Meet our current board here.


Why Join the Board?

Serving on the AIGA Arizona board is a unique opportunity to:

  • Make connections in the larger creative community around Arizona and with other chapters across the country — networking that leads to professional and personal opportunities
  • Learn new skills like event planning and public speaking
  • Develop leadership, project management or design experience
  • Build up our community and help inspire and educate professional creatives
  • Attend free or heavily discounted events hosted by AIGA Arizona
  • Have a lot of fun! Make new friends with people who are passionate about community and design

Video by Hanna Norris, AIGA Arizona Executive Vice President, 2019-2021

The Application Process

Here is our current process for board applications:

  • Read the roles and responsibilities and be sure the commitment is right for you
  • Contact us with information about what type of board participation you’re interested in
  • A mandatory information session will be held for all nominees
  • The nominating committee will review nominees and recommend new Board members
  • Onboarding & community Introduction

Responsibilities & Commitment

We have the privilege and the responsibility of creating the direction and landscape for how our local chapter serves and supports the creative community of Arizona. While this is a lot of fun, there are commitments required of all Board members:

  • Intend to serve for the full Board term.
    • Two years for director-level and up, and one year for all others
  • Be a current AIGA member.
  • Attend Board meetings, on time, and prepared.
    • Remote meetings can be made available for accessibility
  • Actively communicate with your committee and executive leadership.
    • Be considerate of their time and effort, and respect everyone’s contribution by staying in steady communication.
  • File a monthly report to the Executive Committee. Document a recap of tasks completed by your committee that month to be shared with the team at our monthly board meetings.
  • Attend Board retreats.
    • The local board hosts two retreats each year — the Onboarding Retreat in the summer and a Programming Retreat in the fall (in place of that month’s board meeting). Board members receive many opportunities for leadership growth and training through these retreats
  • Attend National Leadership Training.
    • Board members also receive training and networking opportunities with other national chapters regularly throughout the year.
    • Director-level+ board members should attend these quarterly webinars or make sure another committee member is present whenever possible.
  • Communicate using your AIGA email address and respond to communications within 48 hours.
  • Be regularly responsive on Slack with internal communications and remain up to date on conversations within our community and the AIGA community at large.
  • Attend as many chapter events as possible. Board members receive complimentary tickets to most events in exchange for helping in the success of the event.
  • Read, understand, and follow our Chapter bylaws and the AIGA code of conduct.
  • Maintain a legacy/documentation of your position to assist future Board members.
  • Actively participate: take initiative and self-start: be engaged, organized, dependable, and communicative.
  • Work as a volunteer leader as part of the collective work of AIGA Arizona, forgoing compensation and rights for ideas, designs, and other volunteer services offered in service to our organization, unless otherwise agreed on by the team.
  • Represent AIGA in a positive light and serve as spokespeople for the organization.


Interested in applying for the Board, becoming a Board Explorer, or volunteering for a committee?