Local Competitions + Awards

Who doesn’t like to brag a little about the awesome work being produced around our fine state?

There are many organizations hosting local awards in AZ from broad competitions to really segmented fields.

Our very own AIGA AZ Best of Exhibition takes place every October in connection with Phoenix Design Week. Submissions are typically open from August to September and the winners are announced during PHXDW. Keep an eye on AIGA AZ + PHXDW social channels and make sure you’re signed up for our monthly email so you don’t miss the call for submissions.

Here’s a list of others around Arizona:


You can always check out any of the specific business associations that the work might relate to. For example, if it’s for the legal field, check with the Bar Association. Sometimes they have very specialized competitions.

You can also look into different publications and see if they offer anything at the local level: Print, Communication Arts, Graphis, Webbys, etc. which may have regional sections.

If you or your organization hosts a competition or other award submissions, we’d love to feature you. Please make sure your guidelines align with our position on spec work and contact us to be added to the list.