Coffee with The Board

Sun, Jan 29, 2023 10:00am - 12:00pm
Chop Shop/Provision, Phoenix, Arizona, 85018

Do you have work to do, but you have trouble staying focused at home? (Because you already work from home, and you can’t do another day of it.) Or maybe it’s that you just like your morning cup of coffee with company? Well, AIGA is hosting a new quarterly event where you can do both!

From 10am-12pm AIGA AZ Board Members will be knocking out some of their 2023 To-Do list items from Chop Shop! Feel free to join in and bring that freelance work you’ve been putting off, or finally go through those 1,200 emails in your inbox.

OR just chat with our AIGA AZ Board Members to see what events our chapter is planning for 2023.

If you’re an AIGA Member, your first beverage is on us! And if you aren’t, we can offer you some bad puns and silly cat videos (100% free).