Member of the Month – February 2020

Member of the Month – February 2020 featured image
By Matt Adams | Published February 10, 2020

Name: Giselle Field

Title: Founder & Creative Director, Wander Design Co.

Member since: 2013

How did you get started with AIGA Arizona?
I moved to Sedona, AZ, in September of 2019 and immediately signed up for AIGA Arizona to make new designer friends and get involved in the community. I was previously in the AIGA Santa Barbara chapter.

What do you like most about AIGA Arizona?
I love that there is always something going on whether it’s an email newsletter or an upcoming event. The community has been so friendly and welcoming too!

What design event do you look forward to every year?
I’m looking forward to the next PHXDW! I also look forward to any design mixers near me, so hopefully more of those soon in Flagstaff/Sedona.

What is the superpower you wish you had?
I wish my superpower was to read clients’ minds. Wouldn’t that be nice?

Take a moment to showcase some designers or creatives who you think people should be following and why.
There are so many I could list! But a few of my personal favorites are my brand designer friends:

Better: the Brand Designer Podcast
Jen Davis Design
Sheila from Studio on the Level 
Made by WMN
Abbey from Wayfarer Design Studio

Tell us about your favorite event or moment with AIGA Arizona.
I got to attend the Phoenix Design Conference for the first time and was thrilled about the community and quality of speakers/topics. Inspiration was everywhere. It was a perfect event to transition into the AZ design community!

Connect with Giselle

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